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Dijon, 23-26 August 2001

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  • Dijon, 23-26 August 2001

    Thursday 23th :

    Andreas & his Diamond Black 850 Csi arrived late Thursday, which was a surprise for me, i thought he would come the next day
    No problem, we just find him & "little" bed, chat a little bit and have a snack, show him a few videos of the E31....

    Friday 24th :

    There was a vintage cars event in the morning, we went there, i showed Andreas where my father worked and took some pics of the cars.
    But the day really began when Stefan Crneli arrived at 11h00 (3 hours to come, 1 hour to find)


    Stefan coming in our home


    Stefan check his rim, he hurted it a little while entering our garage

    Time to take OUR 8

    THREE 8 Series in our garage, not too bad
    One 840, One 850, One 850Csi

    </center>Then went for lunch with THREE E31 to a "Courtepaille" restaurant... <center>

    When we arrived in the parking lot, the waiters all lined up to watch the cars.
    Made us feel like being the big event of the day

    </center>The afternoon, we went to AS Auto, a non-official dealer specialized in BMW.
    The big thing there was the BMW cemetary that has dozens and dozens of wrecked BMW.
    There were 3 E31 wrecks - quite sad to look at them.
    The other special was an 850CSi that had the engine removed, so it was nice to inspect the empty engine compartment.
    AS Auto bought an E31 the day before, so they also participated in the weekend.

    As AUTO New bought Mautitius Blue 850 Specialists
    BIG BOSS, my father, owner of the 840
    Stephane, my brother, family offensive driver
    Me, Moderator
    Stefan Crneli, German Section Moderator
    (Actually the one you'll find chatting all the time on my chatroom)

    Tobago Blue crashed 850 Csi

    850 Csi V12

    The 850 Csi missing the V12

    If only it was the real one...

    </center>Robert & Renate Schaefer arrived in the evening, after we had lunch (unfortunately for them who were really hungry)
    Philippe & Sylvie Geggou arrived in the late evening with their Amethyst 850
    We drove to the hotel, and we parked the cars at As AUTO 's private house.<center>

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    Saturday 25th :

    Andreas & me had a mission, take the others, wash the two cars which arrived yesterday night and come back home to take 2 new members who joined us at 12h00
    Of course we were late
    But there was good reason :
    First we went back to As Auto House, to take the cars, but we couldn't leave without a photosession next to the swimming pool


    Philippe Geggou and his Amethyst 850

    All Stock except the BMW Chromed tail pipes

    Come on, just line up !


    Ahhh, thanks...Better now

    + 1500hp !!!

    Alpina 18"

    Individual Color

    </center>Then we went back to As AUTO , to wash the two cars...I didn't publish the photo of Robert, stripped to the waist, washing his car...but if you really want it, just mail me

    We came back home , Michel Fabry and his red 850 , all tuned like a Csi with Remus Exhaust, was already there.
    We waited for Jean Marc Le Pain & his 850 Csi Alpina and leaved for a trip in the wine roads to the restaurant we booked for lunch... <center>

    <center>Parking Lot near the restaurant... After a good french lunch, we leaved to one of the oldest castle of the region : Le Clos De Vougeot, to visit a wine museum. </center>

    <center>After the museum, we travelled in the countryside to find a good place for a photosession.
    We didn't have too much time so we finally chose this place which wasn't that bad... </center>

    Trying to organise the photosession

    Moderator's car

    Tobago Blue Alpina 850Csi

    Robert Deep Cosmos Black Tuned 850

    Calyspored / Red & Black VS Tobago Blue / Blue & Black

    Michel Fabry Shiny Red 850

    Impressive car, and a sound...oh my god....

    Rare Amethyst 850

    Actually 2 Members of have that color

    The other one lives in Malaysia

    Stefan Crneli and his well-known Alpinwhite II 850

    Andreas 850Csi

    BMW Chromed Tail Pipes

    Interior we begin to know by heart

    Hmmmm... line up...

    + 2500 hp !

    Isn't she cute ?

    Ac Schnitzer / Alpina / Hartge

    Make your choice !

    </center>Time was now to leave and try to meet Mark & his GB '99 840Ci at the Karting track , and have some fun InDoor.<center>

    Daytona Violet & Champagne Interior

    [i]I swear we tried to be as most discreet as possible

    But how can you can be discreet with NINE 8 series !!!!

    We, DIJON (me & my brother) finally lost our lead behing the Pirelli Dream Team, then came AMR, with Jean Marc who was enough brave to finish alone (congrats to Fatia too)
    Special congratulation to Philippe & Sylvie Geggou, i would never thought you would succeed that way, BMW-Williams F1 Team Rulez !!!!
    Mark, if you read this, stop fighting your wife, it wasn't her fault
    I figured out after that we did one more pitstop than them and that my brother crashed a few times
    But get ready Robert & Stefan , next time i'll beat you, you were lucky that I lost a contact lense (driving with one eye is not really perfect)
    Beware ! We were so tired that the the group splitted to go to the hotel / house , eat something and sleep
    Because the next day was the BIG EVENT !


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      Saturday 26th :

      Now, time is now for the big event !
      We arrived at 8h30 at the racetrack
      We were actually only three : Andreas 's 850Csi, Stefan 's 850i & Our 840Ci
      We met there Pierre Alain Faussurier and his White / Blue 850
      Colors of BMW Williams F1 Team !


      Notice the F1 Team logo

      Madac Hand make Exhaust, these were great..

      Little Line Up before the other come
      They finally arrived at 11-11h30, lazy boys

      Now time was to race, Prelli Dream Team in Action :

      Ouch , 40l/100km

      Robert stopped to check the tires state and....

      Don't worry, all was repaired easily thanks to our local BMW Specialist : AS AUTO

      Start Your Engines

      GO !

      I asked Robert to put his sound on

      Try to imagine the sound :


      A 40cm diameter Subwoofer named "EARTHQUAKE"

      More BOUM BOUM, I need more !!
      Time was now for the final photosession, as last year, next to the strait line wall of the track

      When the moderator wants something...

      ...the others have to follow