Banjo Bolt Repair

  • As promised, here's some snaps from my intake gasket repair wrench fest these past two weeks. One big concern I had was the reported "loose banjo bolt" problems afflicting V-12s from the late eighties and early nineties. Well, sure enough, I removed my camshaft covers and discovered the right rear banjo bolt was finger loose.

    Managed to ordered up the new and improved bolts, shown here with the locking compound applied. Also shown is the bottom side of the oiler pipe. Notice the small spray holes that line up with the cam lobes?

    Here's a close-up shot of the installed bolts and oil pipe.

    And here's a long shot of the left cam gallery ready to close up with a new gasket. That blue stuff is Hylomar, a gasket prep that never hardens and remains perpetually tacky. I used it anywhere there was a gasket/metal combo. Also notice the new intake spacers being fit-checked on the right bank. You'll notice a prominent ridge lines on the spacers that eventually crack and admit air on cold mornings.

    Mark in SBA

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