Throttle By Wire

  • An update on the constant and niggling throttle hesitation problem on my '91 850i.

    As you all know I for months have been dealing with a throttle hesitation problem that ultimately kicks in the "limp home" mode. My local dealer has had the car in its shop on at least five different occasions since September, 2000, and never fixed the problem. I sat at length with the service manager and the head mechanic and detailed the problem for them, but after all of these attempts and about $2,000.00 of my money, I got the car back the last time - after almost a month in their shop - with the same hesitation problem, but with newly cleaned injectors, two new O2 sensors, a new left air mass meter, two new distributor caps, a new thermostat and new plugs, all of which they at one time or the other claimed to be the cause of the problem. In short the problem was alleviated some but was still there - except my money wasn't.

    [I hate to say it, but this is your typical stealer approach: replace parts one at a time hoping something will work. PMB]

    Then the strangest thing happened - someone the the parts department who knew of me and my car's problems told me to get it out of the dealership (said they did not know what they were doing) and referred me to an independent mechanic - young 30ish "techno" type guy, and also said not to tell anyone as he might be fired for making this recommendation. I took my car to this new guy and just got my car back. It turned out to be a bad contact on one of the computer chips, so he ordered some kind of kit, or spray, to resolve the problem, and guess what - the car runs great and for the first time since September of last year, I have experienced no throttle hesitation at all after some heavy "shake down" driving in town last weekend, my "check engine" light has not come on, and my gas mileage has improved about 2 miles per gallon in the city. After a little digging, I found that most of the high end BMW's end up at this guys garage.

    Moral of the story - a good mechanic is a necessity. Maybe my frustration level - and my wallet - will get a break, and I now again enjoy this wonderful machine.

    [Perhaps this mechanic deserves a plug by name and city in case others on the list might wish to consult him? PMB]


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