Starter Motor

  • Hi all,

    My starter motor has started sticking again (replaced a 4 years ago), I am struggling to source a new one, the original is Bosch Part Number 0986017170, any thoughts on where I can source one please?

  • hello,

    my starter got completely stuck 2 months ago after 220000km and 29 years. There was not too much choices. There were 2 suppliers who you can get exchange parts. Conti and Bosch. I choosed Bosch part which was reworked in the Ukraine.

    Third option was to rework your own starter by a company near Stuttgart. This I did not do because of the worse condition of my own part...

    I guess you have to take what you can purchase at the moment.

    wish you good luck


  • Thanks Wofgang,

    I have managed to get a company in UK that can supply a patterned one, hopefully it will work.

    My Bosch one cannot be repaired as apparently the parts are unavailable.

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