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    Thanks Wofgang,

    I have managed to get a company in UK that can supply a patterned one, hopefully it will work.

    My Bosch one cannot be repaired as apparently the parts are unavailable.

    Hi all,

    My starter motor has started sticking again (replaced a 4 years ago), I am struggling to source a new one, the original is Bosch Part Number 0986017170, any thoughts on where I can source one please?

    Hi everyone,
    Recently I jump started my 8 with a power pack as I had left it for several weeks, car started fine, took it for a spin, parked it up.
    However after about an hour a so, the left pop up headlight kept going up and down, I have disconnect the batteries as I will not be driving it for a few weeks, I suspect it could be the batteries (one of them is about 18 months old), but I welcome everyone's thoughts.

    [FONT=&amp]Hi there,[/FONT]
    [FONT=&amp]Just an update, new MAF sensor arrived, fitted and so far so good, have done approximately 100 miles, no bings, no bongs and no lights on my dash. Waited 2 weeks to arrive, link to MAF sensor below, I did email them prior to getting it and they confirmed it should work. Car sounds great and feels great, fingers crossed it stays this way. Thanks Timm et al.


    Hi Johannes, I have seen the Bremi ones and some Mapco ones for a fraction of the price, what issues did Stefan have as the links will not work for me?

    Hi, just a quick update and some more advice required please: the air mass sensor is definitely faulty, BMW have quoted close to £500.00 and a 2-3 week wait from Germany. There was also a fault with the ABS pump, this was sent to a specialist repairer but they have said they cannot read any codes on the pump, the pump is coming back to be fitted tomorrow. I am hoping the ASC-T light came on because there was an issue with the air mass sensor rather than a problem with the pump. Would appreciate advice on where I can get an air mass sensor from but as a better price than BMW? Also the garage mentioned my spark plugs could do with a change and I wonder if this could be contributing to some of the problems? Advice appreciated.

    Thanks Timm, the backfiring only started after the ASC-T light came on, started the car today and the ASC light was off, left stationary, after a few minutes the light came on and the car felt as if it is loosing throttle but did not switch off. Still trying to find time to get it to the garage.

    Thanks Jonannes - I don't usually use the AC but will try this.
    Thanks Reinhard, the garage owner has an e31 and his mechanic did mention something about an airflow sensor being responsible, work is in the way at the moment, but I will provide an update as soon as some progress is made.

    Thanks everyone, apologies for not replying earlier, headlight issue sorted, apparently it was something to do with 'tracking' on the motor or some kind of alignment, she no longer winks at me but flutters her eyelids now!

    Hi all,
    I have a 1997 840ci, a few weeks ago my ASC light came and then the check engine light (the 1997 840ci's did not have a check engine light on, however I asked Gerry Speechley to put a bulb in in several years ago). I also noticed that at idle the car felt it was not getting enough throttle and on one occasion the engine went off. I have taken it to a local mechanic and the found 2 fault codes both to do with the front wheel speeds not being plausible. They reset the codes, and the car drove fine for about 20 miles and now the lights are back on and again the car feels it is not getting enough throttle and threatening to switch itself off as well as misfiring.
    Any thoughts on what this could be?

    Hi all,
    Finally pulled my 8 from storage, however I have an issue with one of the headlamps, one of the is not functioning and the mechanic thinks it is the motor that has gone. Does anyone know where I can source a motor from?

    Due to new job, new home & a new arrival to the family I have not been able to post or use my 8 as often as I would have liked this year (hopefully this will change in 2014), however I would like to wish everyone on the board a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


    Great write up Arnie, sounds like really good fun and a great way to spend time with the family and the 8, I would love to do this but my kids are a bit too small at the moment, we have two and I think that is enough - primarily because if we have another one I would not be able to get him/her in the back of the 8.