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    Hallo Christof, Hallo Martin,

    jetzt habt Ihr euch aber Mühe gegeben, den Versuch einer gemeinsamen Terminplanung zu prüfen :-).
    Ihr habt mir ja schon in München gesagt, dass das nix wird.

    Hi Dani,

    das habe ich aber anders in Erinnerung. In München hast du uns klar und unmissverständlich mitgeteilt, dass du dein eigenes Ding machen willst und keine Zusammenarbeit mit oder machen wirst. Never.

    Uns haben diesbezüglich mehrere Mitglieder darauf angesprochen, die es schade finden was du gerade versuchst nämlich eine Spaltung der 8er Liebhaber.

    Wie mehrmals gesagt sind bei alle herzlich willkommen und wir pflegen einen offenen und demokratischen Weg für alle 8er Fahrer. Dies gilt genau gleich auch für alle anderen Clubmitglieder, egal wo sie beheimatet sind. Schlussendlich sind mehrere Mitglieder auch im unterwegs und das ist auch gut so.

    Compiled by Jim Surdick, November 2004

    Engine bay area & exterior:

    Early models had a slip sensor on the A/C clutch that would disengage the A/C compressor if the belt slipped. This could be caused by either a loose belt or by deep standing water spraying into the engine bay. Cleared by stopping and restarting the engine.

    Hydraulic steering and braking boost. Uses either Pentosin 7.1 or 11S, which should be printed on the cap of the hydraulic reservoir found by the driver’s side shock post.

    Servotronic was an option that allowed for additional steering boost through either a engine rev (lower = higher boost) or vehicle speed (lower = higher boost) servo system.

    Limp-home capability. If one side of the engine fails to function correctly, the car can run on the other side, albeit with a severe loss in power and acceleration.

    Heated windshield washer jets.

    Auxiliary electric fan for cooling, switches on when engine reaches a certain temp (approx. 180 degrees Fahrenheit)

    Brake pad sensors set off a brake pad wear warning on the on-board computer display.

    ASC+T on some models adjusts throttle and applies braking if wheel spin is detected. Activated by default, and deactivated by pushing ASC button which illuminates lamp in center of speedo display.

    Heated side rearview mirrors

    Heated outside door locks (driver’s only?)

    Two batteries in trunk, one on left, and the other on the right behind the CD changer unit, both in parallel circuit.

    Trunk can be opened with key by inserting the key, pushing up and turning onequarter turn, remove key and press up on button.

    Adaptive motor management system and throttle body synchronization.

    Adaptive Steptronic transmission. Resets on each run.

    Launch control on some automatics (check)

    Rear fog lights on non-US models

    Headlight washer system on non-US models, refilled by water catch at end of rain gutter on right hand side panel, goes to trunk reservoir.

    Individual ignition coils for each spark plug on 840’s

    Micro filters for cabin ventilation system

    EDC III electronic damper control shocks as an option

    Euro models had AHK for four-wheel steering, hydraulic control unit in trunk under spare tire.

    Speed sensing wipers

    Euro cars had self-leveling headlights and Vertical angle control knob in dash

    By turning headlights on and off in rapid succession for 7 (or 8) times, then the lights will stay up when off to allow cleaning the glass without heat from bulbs.

    Fuel filler door locks with car or when glove box is locked.

    Hidden towing hook with screw in towing eye in toolbox in trunk.

    Ducted to cool front brakes as well as alternator.

    Sport and normal mode for transmission.

    Interior options and features:
    Auto dimming inside rearview mirror option available (if yours has it you should see a light sensor dot on the mirror itself and have off, and possibly light and dark settings). Later models didn’t have the low and high setting on the auto dim mirror, but it did have auto dim when reversing.

    Front windows raise automatically at approx. 90 mph. Cancel by opening windows again. Resets when car is turned off and then back on.

    Locking and unlocking the glove box also locks and unlocks the trunk.

    Seat heaters on some models with two-step heat. Starts on maximum heat, then reduces to lower heat, then turns off. Button allows for high, low, or off.

    Three saved settings for driver's steering wheel position, exterior mirrors settings, and seat position. Auto up steering wheel when vehicle is stopped and ignition turned off.

    Auto drop of front windows when exterior or interior door handle is first activated.

    Holding key in open position in door lock opens all windows and sunroof. Holding key in locked position closes all windows and sunroof. Later models also had this feature activated in the central locking system remote control by holding the lock button in open position.

    Seatbelt height lowers and rises depending upon seat height setting.

    Pushing in on the turn signal stock cycles through on-board computer displays, and can be programmed as to data shown and order of display.

    Some models had auto ventilation feature with two user programmed ventilation times.

    Two consumption displays, separately clearable.
    Engine disables code programmable through OBC, and many more features too numerous to fully list here.

    Running average speed display.

    One touch down for all windows, one touch up for front windows Passenger side outside mirror tilts downward when car is put in reverse and outside mirror control switch is set to left mirror.

    Vanity mirrors on visors turn off automatically when visor is put in raised position even if the sliding view panel isn’t closed.

    Electric lumbar support on front driver’s seat.

    Diagnostic codes available via “stomp test”. Turn key to “on” position, without starting engine, and press gas pedal fully 5 times within 5 or so seconds. Available on OBD I cars.

    Some model radios have vehicle speed sensing for low-level volume boost.

    You can identify your stock radio by pressing the “-“ and “PROG” keys simultaneously.

    Speed warning set on OBC

    Programmable timed heater on some models.

    Weather band on some stock radios.

    Valet key will not unlock glove box or trunk, but will open door and start car.

    Rubber skirt on right side of brake pedal for “no grab” on bare feet or soles of shoes.

    Optional matching luggage was available.

    First-aid kit between rear seats.

    Fold down rear seats on 93 and later models

    Integrated antenna and glass heater in rear glass.

    Available with leather dash in Europe, and sunroof delete (no sunroof), and BMW individual colors

    Hands-free voice activated cell phone dialing with auto radio mute

    Ski bag available.

    Intensive wash (two level) windshield wash system

    Interior lights come on when door handle is pulled, and will do so for three (times) then automatically disengage until system resets after “ a while”

    Switchable headlight beams between LHD/RHD via lever in pop-up headlight unit on Euro models.

    Hidden pockets in front of driver and passenger front seats

    Power door lock button and doors lock by pressing down on door lock itself. Window and sunroof obstruction sensor reopens if blocked or high drag is experienced.

    Resistance based lamp failure warning on OBC for exterior lights.

    All new stuff will be displayed right behind the corresponding tab (Dashboard, Articles, Members, Forum ...) in the red box. In the calendar we still add old dates. So you don't have to click on them (read) you can easily mark them as read. To do this, click directly on the tab "Calendar" (not on unread events ff). Then you will see a black good sign above the calendar on the right side. With this you mark all new events as read. :winkwink:

    We have not configured everything yet, that will come in the coming days. Also the links and / or attachment are not yet complete. Therefore, do not make your own corrections or new links to the existing posts.

    Just try it out how it works. Most things are much easier like uploading pictures.

    At the moment we are working on the forum and the calendar. The other areas like the gallery and filebase will come later.

    The search works great again and even with 3 letters (magnifying glass on the top right).

    Please note that you can always select where to search before the search string. If you are in the forum and click on the magnifying glass only the forum will be searched. If you are in the calendar then only the calendar will be searched. He gives it strangely suddenly no result then checks what you have set there.

    On Thursday 10 March 2022 we started the comprehensive upgrade of the forum from vbulletin5 to Woltlab Suite.

    First we copied the complete forum with the files to another domain and configured it to run there again. The access is done via another url. We still need the old forum to check posts and attachments. Afterwards we backed up the complete forum to our NAS.

    Since you usually don't store the images in the database but externally in the filebase, we had to move them into the database for the import into Woltlab. This process takes quite a long time and there are also many errors (attachment not available). This is due to the botched database architecture of vbulletin. Well, we have to go through that now.

    In the next step we installed Woltlab with the different modules. Then the language packages were added. Now we had to create the basic configuration. In the evening after 8 hours of work we sent the new database with the necessary accesses to Woltlab. Woltlab provided a special system for us to import from vbulletin5. Without this system import would not be possible.

    Now how do we want to implement this in That the advertising often promises more than this can be implemented later, we have experienced ourselves with vb5.

    We now have the following two variants that we can implement:

    • Migration from vBulletin version 4 with data status from September 2021.

      • we will then be missing about 900 posts compared to today
      • almost all data can be transferred

    • Migration from vBulletin version 5 with current data status

      • messages, calendar, subscriptions and likes can not be migrated

    We want to migrate with vb5 and lose all news and subscriptions. We will then add the calendar manually.

    Since the passwords are stored encrypted in the existing forum software as a hash value, we can not easily transfer them to the new forum system. In the existing forum system we used Argon2 and a proprietary encryption from vBulletin. I can integrate the Argon2 encryption in the new forum software, but I can't integrate the vBulletin encryption method because of the unknown encryption.

    So you can try to log in to the new system, if it doesn't work twice you have to use the "forgot password" function to generate a new password.

    So it is important that you check your email address in your profile. It will be used for the "forgot password" function.

    We would like to revise and simplify the forum structure as follows:

    • all forum areas for non club members will be shared for all non members. In vb4 you could join or leave the french or english speaking clubs by yourself, in vb5 this function was missing.
    • new you can use the following replacement function:
      • Choice of the forum areas on the basis of the language of the contributions
      • deselection of forums or forum areas directly in the forum area
      • automatic joining or leaving is also possible but more complicated to implement

    • all forum areas for club members with request to join and manual approval or as subscriptions with automatic payment function
    • all forum areas with downloads and videos will be structured into the new areas Gallery and Filebase and stored by categories

    The filebase will be extended with the already existing archive of, which contains almost all available documents of the 8er.

    To keep up with the new trend of social media, will also integrate them. We can connect the following social media with


    This means that with these connectors you can also post articles from on social media and follow links on from social media even without logging in to So, for example, if you are logged in on WhatsApp and reading posts, you can click on a link on and you will be redirected directly to the post from without further login.

    In this context, we would like to promote an official Facebook page as well as a social media page each with the platform So if you are interested in such a cooperation and want to run or operate such a page, please feel free to contact Martin or me. If we do not find an adequate platform, we are considering to operate one ourselves. This way we also offer an alternative to the forums for our younger generation of 8er drivers. can also be operated directly via cell phones and tablets. automatically detects the small devices and adapts the interface according to the lower resolution. In addition, we have planned to make an app available for Apple and Android devices.

    In the area of the CMS and article system, we would like to describe the DACH organization and the individual clubs.

    In terms of advertising, we rely on the 8er drivers or 8er stores, which want to offer their own products.

    So should be the platform which is exclusively about 8er topics and has a complete archive about 8er topics and documents.

    Dear 8er friends,

    we have been working on a new forum software for months due to the nevertheless clearly noticeable inadequacies since the last update of vBulletin 5.x in Q4 2021. We would now like to inform you about this work and changes.

    Due to the very large database of, we are dependent on a professional forum software. Briefly summarized we have the following characteristics on our platform

    • 15 BMW Clubs, partly accredited by BMW
    • 4 languages, German, English, French and Spanish
    • 16'200 topics in 154'000 posts since 1999
    • 45'000 attachments in the contributions
    • 85'000 documents, pictures, movies in fileshare and linked in posts
    • Data volume 12 GByte for attachments, 1 TByte for documents in fileshare, 2,66 million downloads
    • 6'200 members of which 120 are active weekly

    In order to migrate this data to a new platform, only the following forum software can be considered:

    • XenForo
    • Woltlab Suite

    Due to the fact that XenForo is based on vBulletin 4.x and also various programmers have changed from vb4 to vb5 to XenForo, we do not use this forum software. The range of functions and complex administration we already know from the current forum software and no longer convinces anyone of us.

    It has to be simple and understandable and not have thousands of functions and no one, not even us administrators find their way around it. We are since the last forum migration burned children and also cautious with the announcements become.

    But now it's time to give some first information about the state of our work. It is not ideal, if you are informed only shortly before a big change. We are currently testing how we can transfer this data into the new system.

    So please be patient, if everything works out we will do the migration in one week.

    Many geetings

    Toutes les nouveautés sont affichées dans la boîte rouge juste après l'onglet correspondant (tableau de bord, articles, membres, forum...). Dans le calendrier, nous ajoutons encore d'anciennes dates. Afin que tu ne doives pas cliquer (lire) sur ces dates, tu peux tout simplement les marquer comme lues. Pour ce faire, cliquez directement sur l'onglet "Calendrier" (et non sur les rendez-vous non lus). Vous verrez alors un signe noir au-dessus du calendrier. Celui-ci permet de marquer tous les nouveaux rendez-vous comme lus. :winkwink:

    Nous n'avons pas encore tout configuré, cela viendra dans les jours à venir. Les liens et/ou les pièces jointes ne sont pas encore complets non plus. Ne faites donc pas vos propres corrections ou de nouveaux liens pour les contributions existantes.

    Essayez simplement de voir comment cela fonctionne. La plupart des choses sont nettement plus simples, comme par exemple le téléchargement d'images.

    Actuellement, nous travaillons sur le forum et le calendrier. Les autres domaines comme la galerie et la base de données viendront plus tard.

    La recherche fonctionne à nouveau très bien et même avec trois lettres (loupe en haut à droite).

    Attention : avant la chaîne de recherche, il est toujours possible de choisir où la recherche doit être effectuée. Si vous êtes dans le forum et que vous cliquez sur la loupe, la recherche ne se fera que dans le forum. Si vous êtes dans le calendrier, la recherche ne s'effectue que dans le calendrier. S'il n'y a pas de résultat, vérifiez ce que vous avez défini.

    Le jeudi 10 mars 2022, nous avons commencé la mise à niveau complète du forum de vbulletin5 vers Woltlab Suite.

    Tout d'abord, nous avons copié l'ensemble du forum avec les fichiers dans un autre domaine et l'avons configuré pour qu'il soit à nouveau opérationnel. L'accès se fait par une autre url. Nous avons encore besoin de l'ancien forum pour vérifier les éventuelles contributions et pièces jointes. Nous avons ensuite sauvegardé l'ensemble du forum sur notre NAS.

    Comme il n'est pas d'usage de sauvegarder les images dans la base de données mais en externe dans la base de fichiers, nous avons dû les déplacer dans la base de données pour l'importation dans Woltlab. Ce processus prend beaucoup de temps et génère de nombreuses erreurs (annexe non disponible). Cela est dû à l'architecture de la base de données de vbulletin. Eh bien, nous devons maintenant passer par là.

    L'étape suivante a consisté à installer Woltlab et ses différents modules. Puis les packs de langue ont été ajoutés. Il fallait maintenant créer la configuration de base. Le soir, après 8 heures de travail, nous avons envoyé la nouvelle base de données à Woltlab avec les accès nécessaires. Woltlab a mis à notre disposition un système spécialement conçu pour l'importation depuis vbulletin5. Sans ce système, l'importation n'aurait pas été possible.