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2010-08-06..08 - PL - 6-8.08 Polen Gdansk/Jastrzebia Gora (on the seaside)

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  • 2010-08-06..08 - PL - 6-8.08 Polen Gdansk/Jastrzebia Gora (on the seaside)

    6-8 .08

    Hotel Astor
    Price: 261zl for the double-room for one night

    - the beach
    - sea
    - Skwer Kościuszki in Gdynia
    - Gdansk old-town
    - Sopot
    - meeting with the locall BMW Club
    - "when sth goes wrong house"


    Media partner:
    -BMW Trends

    -Marcin 850 +1
    -Ogorek +1
    -Maciala +1
    -Kuchel +1,5
    -Dealerix +1
    -Michal +1,5
    -A1410 +1
    -Mirek z Bielska


    Please, contact me directly...
    Best regards / MfG

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    This is a BMW discussion forum, not a holiday brochure.

    Please remove this post and block the poster.



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      Wow, slow down Gerry! The topic may look somwhat like a holiday brochure, but it's actually an invitation to an E31 8 Series meeting in Poland. The topic was also posted in the German section (in the subforum "Treffen und Veranstaltungen" which translates to "Meetings and Events") where it will probably get somewhat more attention considering the geographic locations of Germany and Poland. PZ just posted the topic here too for the non-German speaking crowd. It's just that there isn't a subforum for meetings and events in this part of the forum... Perhaps the topic would have been more appropriate in the Meetings subforums of "the 8series all around the world" section of this board.


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        Revtor's right Gerry, plus I think the trip looks quite interesting, I've been to Gdansk and Sopot which feature on the schedule for the trip, Sopot in particular is a very nice place - it also has a fantastic beach, the Baltic coastline in Poland and Germany is really excellent and one of the best kept secrets too, I will try to make this meeting.
        1997 M73


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          Yes, that's the our PL 8-series club annual meeting invitation. I put it here for the reasons well explained by Revtor. Of course I can move it somewhere else, if that's a problem...
          Anyway I hoped it will be spotted by any eventually interested English speaking persons, also from less distant countries. You will be very much welcomed.
          Unfortunately there is not much time to book the hotel, later in the season it will be not so easy. If anyone is willing to join, please let me know asap, so we could arrange everything.
          Zuletzt geändert von PZ; 03.05.2010, 21:18.
          Best regards / MfG


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            Certainly looks an amazing location i'd never have believed that was in Poland.

            Gerry Chill dude
            Those who risk nothing,achieve nothing,become nothing.


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              Please post the invitation in the Scandinavian forum as well!

              I have acces to the mailing listof Swedish and other Scandinavian Bimmer 8 friends, if you allow me to mail it out i'll do so. looks interesting I' might Concider going my self. I live in the South part of Sweden, takes an hour to drive to the ferry...