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E31 European Meeting Netherlands 9-12 June 2016:

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  • E31 European Meeting Netherlands 9-12 June 2016:

    E31 European MeetingAmsterdam 9-12 June 2016:

    -8 June 2016: Most of youwill arrive in the hotel at this day we think. There will be members of ourclub to welcome you, when you want, we will have a dinner buffet with you inthe hotel at the evening (prices are by the hotel prices).

    -9 June 2016: Startat 10.00: Driving around province Noord-Holland (the northern part of theNetherlands).

    We drive around the Northern country sites and visit atheme park, museum, having a very nice boat trip (45 minutes) amongst anancient town, windmills, etc., then you can see ancient workers, etc., we havecoffee/tea stops, a lunch together, visit a big harbor, drive Apr. 80 km intotal, at the end of the day we will park our cars at the circuit (there is aguard for the night that the cars are park there) and at the evening we havedinner buffet at the hotel in Zandvoort, perhaps walk on the beach.
    Costs day 1; Boat trip 8,50 Euro p.p., Children 0-12 4,50 Euro p.p., andguarded parking place at the circuit for the night: 12,50 Euro pro car, Dinersee by hotel. Not included: parking tour cost Apr. 10 Euro, lunch Apr. 15,00Euro, some drinks.

    -10 June 2016: start at 10.00: Whole day at the Circuit Zandvoort and doing the BMW DrivingExperience. (See for info: and
    We will see our cars back at the circuit. There is acomplete program (drifting, sliding, car management, braking, get away move,driving on the circuit, this all with your own car or a car from BMW, etc., wehave lunch at the circuit, drinks, also at the end of the day there is a bigcomplete BBQ at the circuit. After the BBQ will can go to visit the beach ourbeach club. Of course we will have photoshoots on the circuit, perhaps we canhave the cars in the pit lane, also we plan to have a DTM-racing team on thetrack, etc. The cars will be also this night on the circuit and again they willbe guarded, the circuit/experience is 300 meters from the hotel (or 100 metersfrom the cottages) so we can walk over the beach or boulevard to the cars orhotel.
    Costs day 2; Whole day is covered; circuit driving, driving experience, allcoffee/tea, lunch, snacks, diner (BBQ) and 5 extra drinks: 135,00 Euro p.p.,Children: 0-3 years free,
    4-12 year 45,00 Euro, 12-18 year 65,00 Euro.

    Or if you don’t want to participate this day till the BBQ starts, then the costis 39,00 Euro p.p., Children: 0-3 years free,
    4-12 year 25,00Euro, 12-18 year 35,00 Euro, all without drinks (2,50 Euro pro drink).
    The cost of the guarded parking place at the circuit for the night: 12,50 Europro car.

    -11 June 2016:Start at 9.00: We will visit Amsterdam.

    We drive all together to a special parking place in theharbor of Amsterdam (with a guard only for us), take the ferry to the center, acanal boat guided tour through Amsterdam for an hour, after this we will giveyou choices what to visit, were to eat, drink, etc., mostly with a NL-member toguide you the rest of the day. You can take the ferry back to your car tillfast 3.00 Hours, so it’s up to you how you want to explore our main city.
    Costs day 3; Boat cost: 11,00 Euro p.p., Children 0-3 free, guarded parkingplace 30,00 Euro pro car. Further lunch, drinks, visit some places, etc.

    -12 June 2016: Start at 10.00: We willvisit The Hague.

    We will drive amongst our coast to The Hague, there wewill visit the Louwman Museum, the biggest Auto Museum of our country, theyhave changing collections so when you have seen it you haven’t, we will havelunch there, and, depending on you, we can go sightseeing in The Hague at Apr.14.00 or you can drive home, it’s up to you.
    Costs day 4; Museum 14,00 Euro p.p., children 0-5 year free, 5-12 year 5,00Euro, 13-18 year 7,00 Euro. Also you must add the lunch and drinks.

    What to do now?
    -Book your hotel because we have a limited number ofrooms, you can also take a holiday house ( also whenyou want to bring a dog, ask for it when you want that.
    Hotel reservationstill 8th March 2016 with number 1847079!

    Contact with email: Desiree van Lunenburg, email:
    In this email: Name, Address, emailaddress, telephone number, how many persons to stay and dates, also mention BMWClub E31 NL, number1847079.
    The hotel is at the Nordsea beach, a few hundred meters from BMW DrivingExperience Slotemakers & Circuit Zandvoort, with view on the beaches, withFitness, Wellness, Subtropical Swimming pools, in the Dunes of Zandvoort.
    Prices are incl. breakfast and taxes:
    Stay 8-12 June: single room 439,11 Euro, double room 450,67 Euro.
    Stay 9-12 June: single room 313,67 Euro, double room 340,34 Euro.
    Stay for 1 day: 134,00 Euro room.
    Stay for 2 days: 268,00 Euro room.
    Parking: 5 Euro p.d. (not the days that the cars parked on the circuit)
    Extra bed for child (till 3 persons on a room) is € 35,-Euro (incl. cleaning,cart swimming pool and Breakfast)

    We plan a dinner buffet there for the 8th and9th there where you can participate for:
    1 day: payment by buffet; 24,95 Euro p.p., children from3-13 year 9,95 Euro, without drinks.,
    2 days: payment on hotel bill: 46,70 Euro p.p., children from 3-13 year18,90 Euro, without drinks.,

    -You get a returning email with the total price andconditions from Desiree.

    -You get a second email, there are standard conditions,they don’t count for you, you must follow the first email (it’s in the system).

    -Please send us an email at: and we will sendyou the further details and documents.

    -Updates we put also on this place so you will beinformed.

    -There can be some changes (we will inform you), but wehope that we have covered all.

    We hope to see you all soon!

    BMW Club E31 Nederland.

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