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"München 2014" the official 25th anniversary Meeting topic

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  • "München 2014" the official 25th anniversary Meeting topic

    This is the official invitation to the Munich Meeting 2014 for the 25th anniversary of our BMW 850/840
    Any BMW 8 Series (e31) Owner or Enthusiast is welcome to participate on this unique meeting in the BMW Capitol Munich on May 30. to Jun.01.2014 There is no need to be a member of any BMW Club, as this meeting is organized on behalf of our international Federation
    All information to this meeting will be listed and update under this closed Topic. Any discussion abaout the Meeting shall be held at a separate Topic, I will keep updating this Topic with actual info’s to the Meeting such, that this Topic will always reflect all the Info needed for this meeting.

    As we are expecting participants from all over Europe and hopefully even more, we will limit our organization to the Hotel and the Events. That means, any participant will travel independent with his Car to the Events and back to the Hotel.
    Same for the Dinner, as the City of Munich is famous for their “Biergardens” with traditional and delicious Food, we will provide directions and recommendations where and how to get there. This enables you to find together with your party, the “Biergarden” of your choice and furthermore, you will be able to discover Munich together with your Party as of your own interests.
    There is also a Train station located in walking distance from the Hotel, details how to use the Munich Train-net will follow.

    The Hotel “Holiday Inn Unterhaching” was selected as our Meeting Hotel as its location is in a Business district, which will be empty during the weekend and thus ideal for us. It is also close to “Autobahn” and has a Train stop next to the Hotel.
    The Hotel features a underground parking for 10.- € per 24h, or a big open parking Lot, for free parking, located within walking distance of the Hotel.
    Use the special Hotel reservation Form at the bottom of this Topic, to make your Hotel room reservation.
    We have a special Rate including breakfast and a respective room class.
    The Hotel Restaurant offers also delicious food, such that we might eat on the arrival day (Thursday 29.May) at the Hotel Restaurant and so welcome all the participants, for this reason you will find the respective Dinner reservation on the room booking Form (26.- € for a warm/cold mixed Buffet).
    And yes, this are only recommendations, so you are absolutely free to select with your party, whatever you prefer, OK
    The Hotel is holding a guaranteed amount of rooms available until 28th March.14, after this, rooms will be available as per normal Hotel availability.
    For terms and conditions as well as further Hotel related Info’s, consult the Hotel Homepage under:

    On Friday 30.May.14 we will visit the BMW factory in Dingolfing which is located 130 Km away from the Hotel.
    Every participant will travel independently with his own car to the Factory where he will be guided to a special parking place.
    The Factory offers a Program for the whole day, details will follow after my next visit to the Press office at the BMW Dingolfing Plant. We shall expect a program at least as the one we had in 2007,where the words from their Press office, that means, you have to be there
    Note: Childern under the age of 14 Years may not attend the factory tour as per the factory guidelines

    On Saturday 31.May we will drive with our Cars to the BMW Museum and park them in front of the Museum and “BMW Welten”.
    You will be guided into your Parking position such, that we will have the ability to take Photos of all our cars in front of the respective BMW Buildings
    At the Moment there are 6 guided Tours organized by the BMW Club office in Munich at both, the BMW Museum and the BMW Welten. As most of us probably want to explore these places on our own, we have so far only this 3 guided tours at each place.

    For Sunday 01.June.14 we have 2 attractions to offer:
    One is the Car Museum of German Car History located 1 hour drive east of Munich, see also:

    The second Museum is the biggest German Museum called “Deutsches Museum” located in the City of Munich, for details see:

    You are free to visit this Museums at your own convenience, both offer very attractive exhibits
    If you rather go and visit something else, we can further recommend the famous castle “Schloss Neuschwanstein” ( which is located 125 Km (about 1:40 hrs. drive) away from the Hotel

    About the costs for this Meeting
    As everybody books his Hotel room himself and also eats at his preferred Biergarden + organizes transportation himself, there are no other costs to be paid for this meeting.
    We will inform about the BMW factory tour and the BMW Museum if they require us to pay for entrance, which then will be paid directly at their entrance. So there is no prepayment to this meeting
    The Car Museum in Amerang and the “Deutsches Museum” will be paid individually at the respective entrance

    To register for this meeting, simply fill out your Name, how many Persons with you and the nationality at the respective topic, No later than 15.April.2014
    This info is needed for the factory tour and the BMW Museum in order to define the size of the Groups as well as the language necessary for the tours. The Tours shall be held in English or German language, we will inform you, if further languages are available, OK
    I will List all the participants under this topic with the Data’s out of the Registration topic, so make sure your name is listed here on this current List of participants
    Very important, as we all make our reservation months ahead of the event, there will be some Participants that finally cannot make it to the Meeting
    So if you are in the situation that you have to cancel your participation to the meeting, be so kind and inform us with a simple entry at the “Regsitration for the München 14 Meeting” topic, stating that you have to cancel your participation and of course your Name and how many persons, this Info is highly appreciated by the organization team. As there are no prepayments to the meeting, this will be easy as this to cancel your participation
    For your Hotel Costs, refer to the Hotel terms and conditions.

    We are now working on the details to this meeting, therefore keep coming back to this topic and check out, if there are any interesting news to the Events.

    We are looking forward to welcome all of you in the BMW Capitol of Munich end of May
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    Gruss Fredi

  • #2
    List of Participants

    1. Fredi (1) Switzerland
    2. Reiser (1) Switzerland
    3. Brügger (2) Switzerland
    4. Daggi & Micha (2) Deutschland
    5. Marc Xavier (1 +..) Deutschland
    6. Isabell & Dominic (2) Switzerland
    7. Wolf 850 (2) Deutschland
    8. Evita + Alex (2) Bayern
    9. Christiane + Thomas (2) Deutschland
    10. Claudi + Maik + Mika (3) Deutschland
    11. Wolf Wokke (1) Deutschland
    12. Yvonne & Dirk (2) Deutschland
    13. Rainer Wäninger (1 + 1/2) Deutschland
    14. Antonin TEYSSIER (1) France
    15. Claudia & Alex (2) Deutschland
    16. Lilly & Steve (2) Deutschland
    17. Chanette & Terje + Camilla (3) Norway
    18. Michaela & Heiko (2) Deutschland
    19. Katja + Roman + Kids (2+2) Schweiz
    20. Beat (1) Schweiz
    21. Philippe GEGOU (2) France
    22. Gerry & Dick (2) Netherlands
    23. Grete & Jan (2) Norway
    24. Elena & LIorente (2) Spain
    25. Harald Hekerle ( 1 - 2) Austria
    26. Betty & Andy (2) Bayern
    27. Sabine & Thomas (2) Deutschland
    28. Martin Reichl (2) Deutschland
    29. Michael (2) Deutschland
    30. Hermann Kraus (1) Bayrischer Wald
    31. Christer Rönnegard (2) Sweden/Germany
    32. Piotr Kuchlewski (2) Poland
    33. Carsten (2) Deutschland
    34. Ufuk Hattat (2) Turkey
    35. Dieter (2) Deutschland
    36. Ander Glez. Manterola (1) Spain
    37. Antonio Garcia-Xarrie Ramirez (1) Spain
    38. Francisco Martos (2) Spain
    39. Valérie & Fabrice (2) France
    40. Isabelle + Laurent (2) France
    41. Chus (1) Spain
    42. Adrian (1) Norway
    43. Rolf (2) Schweiz
    44. Moni + Martin (2) Schweiz
    45. Elsbeth + Ferdi (2) Schweiz
    46. Bruno (1 (2)) Schweiz
    47. Alex + Pädi (2) Schweiz
    48. Sebastian (2) Schweiz
    49. Erik Holmen (2) Norway
    50. Pål Rønning (1) Norway
    51. Terje Hagland (2) Norway
    52. Xabirunx and Estibaliz (2) Spain
    53. Marco (2) France
    54. Jørn S Iversen (2-3) Norway
    55. Yolanda & Fernando (Gorri6.8) (2) Spain
    56. Courtois Tristan (1 + beautiful Girl France
    57. Heinz Merkle (3) Deutschland
    58. Richard Jeandel (2) France

    59. Marc Poupon (1) France
    60. Maiej + Kasia Markow (2) Poland
    61. Alessandro Jelmoni (1) Italy
    62. Rudolf Moen & DoretheNilsen (2) Norway
    63. Franz850 (2) Italy
    Bente Christiansen & Bo Nielsen (2) Denmark
    65. Slawomir & Simon Sierpatowski (2) Poland
    66. Christian Hedin (2) Sweden
    67. Mirek & Irena Hauke (2) Poland
    68. Tom de Zeeuw (2) Netherlands
    69. Anders Myrvold and Per ArneJohansen (2) Norway

    70. Fons de Jong und Carl Ruiter (2) Netherlands
    71. Andrés Pétur Guðfinnsson (1) Iceland
    72. Adam Naguszewski + person (2) Poland
    73. Florian, Lazar + Flori (2) Romania
    74. Egil sandvik (1) Norway
    75. Krzystof Stebel + person (2) Poland
    76. Pawel Zal + person (2) Poland
    77. Achim Otto (1) Deutschland
    78. Bernhard Krönung (2) Germany
    79. Pawel Musial (2) Poland
    80. Marco + Enrica + Davide (3) Italy
    81. Jack Kingston (1) USA-Germany
    82. Hubert Bielicki and Sylwia (2) Poland
    83. Dealerix + person (2) Poland
    84. Hans Schoor (1 +(1) Switzerland
    85. Linus Samuelsson ( 2) Sweden
    86. John DC (2) USA
    87. Sandro ( 2 ) Deutschland
    88. David K (2) Czech
    89. Oleg Gordeev (1) Russia
    90. Ivan Milashenko (2) Russia
    91. Marc Jeron (2+) Deutschland
    92. Ralf Pusch (2) Deutschland
    93. Peter Fischernich (1) Deutschland
    94. Libor Maly (2) Czech
    95. Per (1) Deutschland
    96. Hans Hoffmann (2) Deutschland
    97. Sławomir Spychała (2) Poland
    98. Walter Kleindienst (1) Austria
    99. Ivanov Sergey (2) Russia
    100. Varquix (2) Spain
    101. Oliver Hart (1) Schweiz
    102. Arnd Müller + Humberto Espinosa (2) Deutschland / Mexico
    103. Alan Ferguson (1) New Zealand
    104. Marek Wołoszko (2) Poland
    105. Joost de Vries (1) Netherlands
    106. Wim Hendrickx (2) Belgium
    107. Thomas + Bettina (2) Deutschland
    108. Steffen + Jan (2) USA
    109. Urs Gut (2) Schweiz
    110. Sascha (1) Deutschland
    111. Helmut Balss (2) Deutschland
    112. Hubert Stark (1) Deutschland
    113. Andrey Stepura (1) Russia
    114. Konstantin Kladov (2) Russia
    115. Niculescu (2) Romania
    116. Galkina Marina (1) Russia

    117. Achim & Ramona (2) Deutschland
    Bernhard, Elke und Karlheinz (3) Deutschland
    119. Beth Peck (1) USA
    120. Claudia & Andreas (2) Deutschland
    121. Thomas & Angela (2) Deutschland
    122. Rudolf Aletsee (1) Deutschland
    123. Hans & Barbara (2) Deutschland
    124. Maggi (2) Deutschland
    125. eraserhead (1) Deutschland
    126. Dragan & Nena Fotic (2) Sweden
    127. Angler (Gabriel) (1) Deutschland
    128. Martina & Udo Krause (2+1) Deutschland
    129. Alexander K, Sohrab Z (2) Sweden
    130. Jürgen Grun (2) Deutschland
    131. Hartwig Schnerch (1) Deutschland
    132. Stephan Schmidt (2) Deutschland
    133. Ralf Kempa (3) Deutschland
    134. Manfred Henzler (2) Deutschland
    135. Dagfinn & Bente Holm (2) Norway
    136. Jürgen Pfister (1) Deutschland

    As of today the offical registration for the Munich meeting is closed.
    We have a total of 133 Registrations with 238 Persons attending from 19 different Nations
    All this Data will now be provided towards the BMW factory in Dingolfing, BMW Cluboffice and Biergarden in order to make the final orders

    I have attached the final Registration List as a PDF
    please inform me if anything has changed on your registration, thanks
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    • #3
      First of all I would like to thank you very much for all your reservations to the 25 Anniversary Meeting in Munich, we were glad to see such a big interest in this meeting with finally 142 Registrations from 20 Nations all over the Planet

      At present we are waiting for the final timings from the BMW Factory in Dingolfing and also from BMW Munich in order to issue the final Meeting Program for you

      Regarding the Friday and Saturdy Dinner at the Biergarden as well as the Lunch at the BMW Dingolfing Plant, we had to change our philosophy as most of this Biergardens are very well used on sunny weekend days and parking is sometimes impossible when already arriving with 5 Cars, same even for the space at the Restaurant.
      Therefore we offer now to do the Reservations for the 2 Biergardens together with the parking and for the Lunch at the BMW Factory in Dingolfing,
      One of our member from Munich (Rainer) was so kind to deal with several Biergardens in Munich, such that we are able to offer you 2 of the finest Biergardens of Munich for Dinner, this will be the “Aumeister” for the Friday Dinner and the “Waldwirtschaft” for the Saturday Dinner. Both of them are offering us a local Buffet for the Price of around 26.-€ -the final Price will be issued when Buffet selection finished, but within the Range of this 26.-€ per Person. The Price for the Lunch Buffet in Dingolfing is expected in the same amount as we ask for a selection in the same Price range.
      Every Person will have to pay his Dinner directly to the respective Biergarden, for the Lunch at the BMW Factory in Dingolfing, we will collect this Money at the time we hand out your Name plackets (including Lanyard) which will enable you, to participate on our Events.

      You are of course still absolute free to visit your preferred Biergarden in Munich.
      So for those of you, who prefer to have Dinner at the recommended Biergardens, we would the Reservation for you, based on the Information you filled in via Doodle (see Link and Example below)
      We need Your reservation for the Biergarden & Lunch at Dingolfing until Saturday 24. May

      In order to do this Reservation for the 2 Biergardens and Lunch at Dingolfing, select the Link below and fill in your Name, click on Yes for your desired selection.
      So in total you are asked to do 5 Selections, if you are more then 2 Persons, just enter on a new line your name again and then fill in your 3rd or more Person accordingly, OK
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      Gruss Fredi


      • #4
        Zu aller erst möchte ich euch allen recht herzlich danken für euer Interesse und eure zahlreichen Anmeldungen zum 8er Jubiläums Treffen in München, es sind so 142 Anmeldungen aus sage und schreibe 20 Nationen aus der ganzen Welt eingegangen.

        Im Moment warten wir noch auf die genauen Zeiten und Daten zu den Events in Dingolfing und BMW München, danach werden wir das Programm bereitstellen

        Betreffend den Abendessen in den Biergärten, sowie dem Mittagessen in Dingolfing mussten wir die Philosophie etwas ändern, da man in München an einem sonnigen Wochenende kaum mehr Sitzplätze, geschweige denn Parkplätze in grossen Stil erhält, haben wir uns entscheiden 2 Biergärten aus zu suchen, für welche wir die Reservationen anhand eurer Angaben vornehmen werden.
        Entsprechend war Rainer aus München unermüdlich in Abklärung mit diversen Biergärten, so dass wir nun allen Teilnehmern 2 Biergärten offerieren können. Für Freitagabend wäre unsere Empfehlung der Biergarten „Aumeister“ und für Samstagabend der Biergarten „Waldwirtschaft“ welche je ein lokales Buffet in der Höhe von ca. 26.-€ offerieren, der Preis für das Mittagessen in Dingolfing erwarten wir im selben Rahmen. Jeder Teilnehmer bezahlt sein Essen direkt bei den jeweiligen Biergarten, lediglich für das Mittagessen in Dingolfing ziehen wir den Betrag bereits bei der Abgabe der Namensschilder (inkl. Bändel) ein, diese Namensschilder ermöglichen schliesslich auch die Teilnahme zu den von uns Organisierten / Reservierten Events, wie auch dem Bezug des Mittagessens.

        Selbstverständlich kann nach wie vor jeder seinen bevorzugten Biergarten besuchen.
        All jene die aber unser Angebot annehmen möchten, bitten wir bei Doodle bis spätestens Samstag 24. Mai einen entsprechenden Eintrag zu machen

        Für die Reservation der Biergarten und Mittagessen in Dingolfing, wählt bitte unten den Link an und tragt dann euren Namen ein und wählt jeweils YES für eure gewünschte Reservation, selbiges bei der Anzahl der Personen. Jene die mehr als zu zweit kommen, bitte einfach eine neue Linie mit ebenfalls eurem Namen ausfüllen, Danke
        Angehängte Dateien
        Gruss Fredi


        • #5
          BMW München hat Ralf für Samstag folgendes Programm zugesandt, am ende werden wir noch ein Gesamt Programm zusammen stellen

          Programm für Samstag den 31.05.2014

          - 8:30 - 09:45 Uhr Aufstellung vor dem BMW Museum und dem M1 Café
          ca:25 Fahrzeuge. ca: 75 Fahrzeuge auf der Rampe, Rest im Parkhaus.

          - Begrüßung durch BMW Mitarbeiter an der Treppe vor dem Museum.

          - 10:00-11:00 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW Museum (je 2x10 Personen)
          - 10:00-10:40 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW-Welt (je 2x10 Personen)
          alle anderen: free Flow BMW Museum oder BMW-Welt

          - 11:10-11:50 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW-Welt (je 2x10 Personen)
          - 11:10-12:10 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW Museum (je 2x10 Personen)
          alle anderen: Snack BMW Cafeteria im Vierzylinder

          - 12:20-13:00 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW-Welt (je 2x10 Personen)
          - 12:20-13:20 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW Museum (je 2x10 Personen)
          alle anderen: Snack BMW Cafeteria im Vierzylinder

          - 13:30-14:30 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW Museum (je 2x10 Personen)
          - 13:30-14:10 Uhr 2 x Führung BMW-Welt (je 2x10 Personen)
          alle anderen: Snack BMW Cafeteria im Vierzylinder
          free Flow BMW Museum oder BMW-Welt bis ca 15:00 Uhr

          Die Auswahl der ca.:25 Fahrzeuge für vor das Museum und M1-Café erfolgt im Vorfeld am Donnerstag, Freitag, sowie Samstagmorgen.
          Ziel ist es die vorhanden Farben als Fächer zu Präsentieren.
          Dieser Vorschlag erfolgte in Zusammenarbeit mit BMW.
          Auf der Rampe am Museum erfolgt freies, aber möglichst platzsparendes Parken. Alle Fahrzeuge die nicht auf dem Museumsgelände parken können müssen im Parkhaus abgestellt werden.

          Es stehen zur Zeit 219 Eintrittsberechtigungen zur Verfügung, diese werden nach Eingang der Anmeldung, Clubmitgliedschaft, bzw. nach Auswahl der Fahrzeugfarben vergeben.
          Da es mehr Personen als kostenlose Eintrittsberchtigungen gibt kann also nicht jeder kostenfrei ins Museum bzw. gar nicht in die Cafeteria im Vierzylinder. Ich versuche noch einige Karten herauszukitzeln, kann aber nichts versprechen.

          Die Anzahl der Führungen sind auch begrenzt. Hier erfolgt die Verteilung auf Zuruf. Jeder bekommt nur einmal eine Führung, also entweder BMW Welt oder BMW Museum.

          Die Tickets sind farblich gekennzeichnet und hängen an einem Lanyard (Schlüsselband).
          Dieses Schlüsselband mit der 25Years of Fun Plakette sind die eigentliche Eintrittskarte und ermöglichen den freien Zutritt zum Museum, der BMW Welt und der Cafeteria des Vierzylinders unabhängig von den Führungen !!!
          OHNE Schlüsselband kein freier Zutritt !
          Gruss Fredi


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            Program as received from BMW Munich for Saturday

            08:30 – 09:45 Parking of our Cars in front of the BMW Museum and M1 Coffee
            Ca. 25 Cars infront of the M1 Coffee and ca. 75 Cars along the Museum and 4 Cylinder Building, rest into Parkhouse

            Official welcome by BMW at the stairs in front of the BMW Museum

            - 10:00-11:00 2 x Guided tours BMW Museum (2x10 Persons)
            - 10:00-10:40 2 x Guided tours BMW-Welt ( 2x10 Persons)
            all others: free visit of BMW Museum or BMW-Welt

            - 11:10-11:50 2 x Guided tours BMW-Welt ( 2x10 Persons)
            - 11:10-12:10 2 x Guided tours BMW Museum ( 2x10 Persons)
            all others: Snack at the BMW Cafeteria in the BMW 4 Cylinder Building

            - 12:20-13:00 2 x Guided tours BMW-Welt ( 2x10 Persons)
            - 12:20-13:20 2 x Guided tours BMW Museum ( 2x10 Persons)
            all others: Snack at the BMW Cafeteria in the BMW 4 Cylinder Building

            - 13:30-14:30 2 x Guided tours BMW Museum ( 2x10 Persons)
            - 13:30-14:10 2 x Guided tours BMW-Welt ( 2x10 Persons)
            all others: Snack at the BMW Cafeteria in the BMW 4 Cylinder Building
            Visit of BMW Museum / BMW-Welt until around 15:00 O’clock

            About 25 Cars shall be selected on Thursday evening who will be presented in front of BMW Museum M1 Coffee and also on Friday at the Factory in Dingolfing along the Visitor center.
            The selection shall contain a variety of different 8er Models and Colors. This is the wish of both, BMW and the Factory Dingolfing
            Along the BMW Museum there shall be a free parking for further 75 cars, all the Rest needs to be parked at the BMW Museum Park house. We will have some participants to guide you all the way to your stand when arriving at either Dingolfing or the BMW Museum
            At Dingolfing we shall park those 25 selected Cars from the Visitor center, all the way up to the Building. All other Cars will be guided into the normal Visitor parking, which is reserved for us of course.

            Entrance / Tickets:
            At present we have only 219 free entrance Tickets for the BMW Museum and the BMW Cafeteria in the 4 Cylinder Building, those Tickets shall be given to the participants in the order of their reservation, we are working on it, to hopefully get some more free Tickets

            Guided Tours at BMW Museum / BMW Welten:
            As there are only limited amount of tours possible, they will be available to all those who present them self at the respective times at the respective place (BMW will inform this details at the welcome speech at 09:45), so if you wish to go along with any tour, make sure you are there at the right time, but no guarantee for everyone to receive such a tour offered by BMW, OK

            All the Tickets will be provided during the registration at the Hotel on Thursday evening, and some Tickets are also available directly at the Event. Only this Tickets enable your free entrance to the BMW Museum, BMW Dingolfing factory tour as well as the BMW Cafeteria at the BMW 4 Cylinder Building.
            Tickets will be in the form of a Lanyard together with a colored “25 Years of Fun” placket, so without this Ticket there is no entrance available.
            Important for the Friday factory tour in Dingolfing, the Color of this Placket provided to you, will tell you to which factory tour you belong to. There we will be 6 different Groups for Dingolfing idendifyed by the 6 different colors, like this they will tell us…. for example:
            Blue, Green, Brown Groups start at 10:20 O’clock in front of the Dingolfing visitor center for the Factory tour
            Yellow, Red, Grey Groups will enter the Busses at 10:10 O'clock and will be driven to the “Industry Museum” in the City of Dingolfing
            For Lunch all 6 Groups will be back at the Dingolfing factory Restaurant for a Bavarian “Brotzeit” (typical Bavarian meal)
            In the afternoon this 6 Groups will rotate their Program.

            As this Lunch Meal is presently defined, we will inform you soon how much we have to pay for this Lunch, this Amount will then be collected during your registration

            And last, we will come up with a final Program as soon as we have all the details from Dingolfing, OK, so keep coming back to this Topic

            Very Important
            Everyone who wishes to have Lunch at BMW Restaurant in Dingolfing and also reserved Dinner with us at the Biergardens, please fill in your data at doodle
            Note: The Biergardens will only hold places for this exact amount of Reservations, so we cannot guarantee for further tables available, OK
            Zuletzt geändert von Fredi; 14.05.2014, 22:11.
            Gruss Fredi


            • #7
              Enclosed is the Program for the Munich Meeting
              There will be a seperat PDF for the Biergarten Dinner available soon

              Das aktuelle Programm für das Treffen ist nun als PDF verfügbar
              Zu den Biergärten erstellen wir ein separates PDF, dies werde ich demnächst hier dazu stellen
              Angehängte Dateien
              Zuletzt geändert von Fredi; 21.05.2014, 21:00.
              Gruss Fredi


              • #8
                weitere Informationen zum Treffen

                Donnerstag 29.Mai
                Abendessen im Holiday INN
                Für all jene, die zusammen mit der Hotel Reservation auch ein entsprechendes Abendessen im Hotel ausgewählt haben, gibt es im Hotel von 19:00 bis 20:30 Uhr ein Internationales Buffet . Kosten 26.- Pro Person, dazu wird beim einchecken im Hotel ein entsprechender Coupon ausgehändigt

                Freitag 30.Mai / BMW Dingolfing
                Aus Organisatorischen Gründen haben wir das nun so geändert, dass BMW sämtliche Kosten für die Verpflegung im BMW Werks Restaurant Dingolfing übernimmt.
                So muss jeder Teilnehmer lediglich einen Beitrag von 10.-€ an die Führungen und Eintritte leisten.
                Dieser Betrag von 10.- Euro pro Teilnehmer wird bei der Registration im Hotel und vor Ort in Dingolfing von uns einkassiert. Ein schwarzer „BMW Werk Dingolfing“ Bändel (Lanyard) wird euch danach ausgehändigt, diesen bitte an diesem Freitag in Dingolfing um hängen, da es ohne diesen Bändel keinen Einlass gibt.

                Für den Event am Samstag in München gilt dann ein separater Bändel (im Moment 219) als Eintritt / Zugang.
                Somit werden wir euch also 2 verschiedene Bändel pro Teilnehmer aushändigen bei der Registration zum Treffen

                Abendessen im Biergarten (Freitag & Samstag)
                Für all jene die sich mittels Doodle Reservation für einen Biergarten eingetragen haben, seht ihr im Anhang was es jeweils zu Essen gibt.
                Das absolut schwierigste bei den Biegärten in München sind immer die Parkplätze, erst recht wenn man an einem Wochenende gleich mehr als 100 von diesen Raren Parkplätzen Reservieren will.
                Trotzdem ist es uns schlussendlich gelungen, die für uns benötigten Parkplätze (zusammen mit dem Buffet) zu erhalten, wir werden euch auch dazu empfangen und einweisen.
                Im Biergarten gilt Selbstzahler, sprich, jeder bezahlt Buffet & Getränke direkt an den Kellner

                Die Doodle Anmeldung zu den Biergarten läuft noch bis Sonntag, ich bitte euch allfällige Ergänzungen und Änderungen bis dahin vor zu nehmen, Danke

                Samstag 31.Mai
                Zu den Führungen beim BMW Museum / Welt in München, hat BMW die Teilnehmerzahl erfreulicherweise von 10 auf 20 Personen pro Gruppe erhöht
                Die Zuteilung zu den jeweiligen Führungen erfolgt per Zuruf. Jeder Teilnehmer kann somit mindestens einmal an einer Führung teilnehmen, also nutzt dieses wirklich Interessant Angebot einer Führung durch entweder BMW Welt, oder BMW Museum

                Die beim M1-Kaffee parkierten 8er, können erst wieder ab 15:00 Uhr von diesem Standplatz weg fahren.


                Further Information to the Meeting

                Thursday 29.May
                For those of you, who booked beside the Hotel Room also the dinner buffet, this international buffet will be available from 19:00 until 20:30 O‘clock., The buffet will cost, 26.-€ per Person.
                The reception will hand out a Coupon for this Buffet upon your Hotel check-in

                Friday 30.May / BMW Factory tour Dingolfing
                For organizational reasons, we have changed things so, that BMW will offer free beverage / Lunch throughout the whole day for all participants.
                Like this, we only have to pay 10.-€ per Person for free entrance to the Dingolfing Industry Museum and the guided tours during this day.
                We will collect this 10.-€ per Person during the registration to the Meeting on Thursday at the Hotel and on site in Dingolfing on Friday. You then will be given a special « BMW Dingolfing » Lanyard, enabling you to participate on this Friday Event

                For the Event on Saturday in Munich we will provide again a separate Lanyard (limited Number available) only valid for this day and enabling you, for free access to the BMW Museum and Cafeteria (BMW offered Snack)

                Dinner at the Biergarden (Friday & Saturday)
                For all those of you who have a valid Doodle Registration for the Dinner buffet, you will find attached the Buffet, at the Moment only in German, but it is a Bavarian Buffet starting with salad, main course and also a traditional fine Desert for the price of 26.-€ per Person (Children are less)
                The most difficult part was, to find delicious Biergardens who have the capacity in parking space (more then 100 needed) and even more, the willingness to make reservations on absolute peak days, such as on sunny Weekends.
                Nevertheless, thanks to Rainer from Munich who dealed long time with them, until he finally had a attractive deal, along with the buffet and free parking for us.
                For Saturday it might also be wise to bring back the Car to the Hotel and take a Taxi over to the Biergarden, if you intend to taste the fine Bavarian Beer
                The Biergarden will be paid individually at the Biergarden, directly to the Waitress

                The Doodle Registration for the Biergardens is still open until Sunday.25 , therefore I kindly ask you, to do or adjust your registration until then.

                Saturday 31.May
                BMW fortunately increased the number of Participants per guided tour, from 10 to 20 peoples per group. This enables all of you, to get at least one free Tour per Person, make sure you don’t miss them, as they are very interesting and show, especially at BMW Welten even behind Scenes’
                Those Tours will be available at given times in the Meeting Program, they will be filled by persons available at this time and place

                All the 25 special selected Cars that are parked in front of the M1-Coffee, shall remain there until 15:00 O’clock
                Angehängte Dateien
                Zuletzt geändert von Fredi; 23.05.2014, 20:34.
                Gruss Fredi


                • #9
                  The Doodle Biergarden Reservation is closed now and we submit this Names and Figures now to the Biergarden.
                  If anybudy has changes to his Doodle Biergarden Reservation, please be so kind and inform me, no Problem, thank you
                  Any other Infos needed to the Biergardens, just send me a PN or ask at the open Munich Topic, OK


                  Die Doodle Biergarten Reservation wurde soeben geschlossen, wir werden diese Namen und Zahlen nun an die beiden Biergarten weiterleiten.
                  Sollte es nun noch Änderungen zu eurer Reservation geben, dann seid bitte so gut und informiert mich kurz darüber, kein Problem, Danke
                  Falls weitere Fragen zu den beiden Biergärten sind, dann gebt mir per PN Bescheid, oder einfach im München Treffen Topic Fragen, OK
                  Gruss Fredi


                  • #10
                    Some latest Infos to the Meeting

                    Please (everyone) print out the Program for the Meeting, we will only have a few Program's available on site
                    We received some Info about the big Street directly in front of the BMW Museum in Munich, part of it will be closed for construction, there will be a Detour available. The Petuelstreet is still intakt, so no change to the directions to the Museum

                    Eine letzte Info zum Treffen

                    Bitte druckt euch das Programm zum Treffen aus und bringt es mit, wir haben nur wenige Exemplare dabei
                    Dann gibt es neu eine Baustelle auf der Grossen Strasse direkt entlang dem BMW Museum in München, die Petuelringstrasse ist jedoch normal befahrbar, somit keine weitere Behinderung zum Parkieren.
                    All jene die am Samstag noch spontan dazu kommen möchten, ihr seid alle herzlich Willkommen, im Parkhaus sind dazu noch extra Plätze frei, lediglich die Führungen und die BMW Cafeteria sind nicht mehr verfügbar.
                    Wer zum Abendessen mit in den Biergarten kommen möchte, ebenfalls Willkommen, Parkplätze wird halt das Problem sein, da müssen wir schauen wie das mit den Reservierten Teilnehmern aufgeht. Ich sage jetzt aber, zuviele 8er bereiten mir keine Sorgen, nur wenn wir zu wenige sind, OK
                    Gruss Fredi