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SoCal 8s Wrenchfest 2013 !!!!

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  • SoCal 8s Wrenchfest 2013 !!!!

    Were On!

    Our first event of this year is in the works and it will bea well needed Wrenchfest. Our last onewas in July so everyone get ready to make this event. It will be held at EF1Motorsports in Signal Hill the same location at there we had it last March.

    Bruce Papp from Adams Polishes will also be there to give usa detail clinic and also have products there for us to purchase. Some of our members have had some greatsuccess as I have for years with their detail products.

    We will also have Tony the Dent Dud there to take out thosenagging door dings and is offering our group a 25% discount.

    Ifyou’re like me, you wince whenever you’re cleaning your car and you noticethose small, irritating dents put there by a careless parker or some kid’s toymeeting your metal. They add up too and take away from your car’s perfection.You know you want to get a paintless dent specialist out someday to repair thembut who has the time for what seems like such a small thing?

    Getthose dents removed at WrenchFest 2013, February 9th, 2013 9am-4pmat EF1 Motorsports. You’ll get those pesky dent’s removed, and at a discountedprice!

    We will have 2 or 3 lifts and one alignment lift for ouruse. You are welcome to bring your ownparts, oil, fluids, and yes tools. Ifthere is a special tool you need Fabrizio will lend you one.

    Alignments can be performed by Fabrizio at a discountprice. He can also do wheel balancing,oil changes, and minor work but for the most part its up to us.

    We will have coffee and pastries in the morning and lunchand soft drinks in the afternoon. Youare welcome to bring your own beer.

    Let make this a big event last year we had 20 memberswrenching if you plan to attend let me know so I can have a count for the food.

    Location: EF1 Motorsports

    2675 Dawson Ave.

    Signal Hill, CA 90755

    Date: Saturday Feb. 9, 2013

    Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM

    SoCal 8s Club President