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BMW E31 America - a NEW BMW CCA Non-Geographic Chapter

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  • BMW E31 America - a NEW BMW CCA Non-Geographic Chapter

    It is my pleasure to announce the formation of a new BMW E31 Group: BMW E31 America.

    Announced Saturday evening at the 10th Anniversary 8-Fest, with almost 100 E31 car in attendance. BMW E31 America is a new Non-Geographic Chapter of BMW CCA for E31 Enthusiasts. This new Chapter is the first ever Non-Geographic Chapter of BMW CCA, and has been formed to organize E31 owners in the United States and Canada. It is open to worldwide members too! Final approval was received this week from BMW CCA. More information will follow shortly, but we wanted to formally announce this new E31 Group. The website for our new chapter is:, with directions on joining this new E31 group.

    Please join us in our excitement for this new E31 group...more to follow!

    Roger Wray
    BMW E31 America
    BMW 850 CSi
    BMW Clubs International (B8CI) Board Representative, USA and North America
    Editor, E31 NEWS International E31 Newsletter