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  • Dinan E31 Articles :

    CAR AND DRIVER February, 1996

    “Showroom Specials: BMW now sells new and used Dinan-modified M3s and 850s.”

    AutoWeek March 13-19, 1995

    “Send in the Tuners. When stock just isn’t enough. AutoWeek magazine drives the Dinan 8 BMW.”

  • DINAN 840Ci / 850i,ci,csi 1991-1998

    [COLOR="Navy"]Driving Technology :[/COLOR]

    Remember your dreams of owning a high performance sport coupe that was not only fast and sporty, but also sleek and refined?

    Nothing brings you closer to that dream than driving an exciting 8 Series BMW.
    Powerful and sporty, an 8 Series BMW is the car for drivers who demand the ultimate in luxury and performance, and a masterful array of innovative, high-tech features.
    Now imagine taking the performance and handling of your BMW 8 Series a step further, allowing you to select your kind of driving experience.
    Dinan, America's BMW tuner enables you to create a performance 8 Series to specifically suit your performance requirements.
    Looking for more power and acceleration? Imagine the confidence having a bit more horsepower provides, knowing you can aggressively pass another car with absolute authority.
    Who doesn't enjoy the feeling of power coming off the line? The power is there; ready to use when you need it.

    Maybe you want performance handling. How would you like a car that really grips the road, making a twisty road more fun than a roller coaster?
    Improved handling and cornering is what high performance driving is all about.

    For over two decades, Dinan has been committed to developing the fastest, best handling, street legal BMWs available anywhere.
    And while it seems that many "tuners" have discontinued or even ignored wonderful cars like the E31 8 Series, this is certainly not the case with Dinan.
    We continue to offer an extensive line of quality performance engine, driveline and suspension tuning products for the 8 Series, enabling you to enjoy the enhanced driving fun and excitement that has made Dinan a household word among BMW driving enthusiasts. There is still plenty of Driving Technology

    Dinan allows you to create the 8 series of your dreams, tailor made to your driving desires.
    Choose from Dinan's extensive line of performance products and systems, each supplying increasing levels of performance handling, power and acceleration. And, they are all backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

    How do you want to drive?

    "...Divan builds cars by examining each area of performance, applying sound engineering principles and executing them with a precision found only at the world's finest tuners. Then as now, I'm in awe. " -european car

    Dinan's uncompromising design and manufacturing standards assure you of products that deliver on the promise of enhanced driving fun and excitement.
    And all are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the business, covering both the products and the labor to install them.
    Dinan products won't affect your new car warranty coverage; so you're covered by BMW and Dinan, year to year, mile to mile and bumper to bumper.
    Why not make your dreams a reality?
    Whether your interest is in acceleration, cornering or both, you'll have an 8 series that looks like a BMW, but drives like no other.

    The Dinan Deck Lid Badge

    "Performance" is a concept that each of us defines individually so we have made it possible to create your own Dinan vehicle.
    We will send the Dinan deck lid badge when your Dinan performance selections accumulate a total of 10 points.

    Points Description :

    5 Performance Suspension Systems
    5 Performance Wheel Sets
    2 Performance Engine Software
    1 Performance Transmission Software
    3 Free Flow Exhaust Systems
    2 High Flow Intake Manifolds
    10 Supercharger Systems
    2 Performance Cams
    2 Performance Driveline Components (ea.)

  • Engine Tuning


    Could there be a product that improves both acceleration and fuel economy?
    Dinan says, "Why Not ?" Taking full advantage of 91+ octane fuel, Dinan software unleashes more power by re programming the fuel mixture and ignition timing parameters of the engine management system.
    Furthermore, the software safely raises the factory rev limits.
    A higher rev-limit gives your 8 a broader power band and greater road speed in each gear.
    But just because you can now out-accelerate other cars, that doesn't mean that you have to pay the penalty of more frequent gas stops.
    During part throttle or "cruise" conditions, the Dinan software actually improves fuel economy.
    You will also notice that significant power gains are achieved at part throttle, as well as full throttle.
    That means that extra power is available
    where you spend most of your time driving.
    The Dinan software also removes the factory top speed governor (except 850).
    Granted, you probably wouldn't take your BMW to its natural top speed, but now you can. Dinan software is 50 State Emissions Legal*

    *This product has been granted an exemption by the California Air Resources Board and is in compliance with U.S. EPA Memorandum 1A, or is a replacement part.

    Performance Specifications 840 (1994-95 Production)

    Peak Horsepower ...........................296 bhp @ 6000 rpm
    Peak Horsepower Gain ..................... 15 bhp @ 5500 rpm
    PeakTorque .................................292 Ib/ft @ 4500 rpm
    Peak Torque Gain ...........................18 Ib/ft @ 4000 rpm

    Performance Specifications 840 (1996-98 Production)

    Peak Horsepower .......................... 288 bhp @ 5700 rpm
    Peak Horsepower Gain .......................8 bhp @ 4500 rpm
    PeakTorque .................................330 Ib/ft @ 4000 rpm
    Pea k Torque Gain ......................... 13 Ib/ft @ 2000 rpm

    Performance Specifications 850 (1991-94 Production)

    Peak Horsepower ......................... 325 bhp @ 5000 rpm
    Peak Horsepower Gain .................... 33 bhp @ 5500 rpm
    PeakTorque ............................... 371 Ib/ft @ 4500 rpm
    Pea k Torque Gain ........................ 34 Ib/ft @ 4500 rpm

    Performance Specifications 850 Csi (1994-95 Production)

    Peak Horsepower .......................... 403 bhp @ 5300 rpm
    Peak Horsepower Gain ..................... 26 bhp @ 5300 rpm
    PeakTorque ................................ 436 Ib/ft @ 4000 rpm
    Peak Torque Gain .......................... 25 Ib/ft @ 5300


    Dinan offers a dyno-tuned Free Flow Exhaust that provides power
    gains without the excessive noise associated with typical
    "performance" mufflers. The performance muffler is tuned for the
    optimum balance between maximum power and a mellow, sporty
    exhaust note. Manufactured from OEM BMW systems for a perfect
    fit and the highest quality. The Free Flow Exhausts are 50 state emissions legal*.

    *This product has been granted an exemption by the California Air Resources Board and is in compliance with U.S. EPA Memorandum 1A, or is a replacement part.

    Dyno results for 840 Free Flow Exhaust (1996-98 Production)

    Peak Horsepower .......................... 290 bhp @ 5800 rpm
    Peak Horsepower Gain ..................... 9 bhp @ 6000 rpm
    PeakTorque .................................308 Ib/ft @ 4000 rpm
    Peak Torque Gain .......................... 9 Ib/ft @ 6000 rpm


    Dinan engineers have developed a supplemental intake manifold gasket package for the 850, which addresses the chronic leakage that occurs with the stock rubber gaskets.
    As many 850 owners are aware, intake manifold gasket leakage typically results in a rough idle and fuel smell.
    Dinan's gasket set provides greater surface sealing area and is thick enough to conform to the uneven surfaces.
    Special adhesive is also provided for precise fitment and improved sealing.
    The gasket set can be used with the current stock gaskets, even if signs of leakage are present, provided they are not cracked.
    This makes the Dinan gaskets far less expensive than replacing the stock gasket and is a more effective repair.


    Further increases in horsepower and torque are obtained by adding
    Dinan High Flow Intake Manifolds.
    The manifolds are ported and polished
    using the extrude hone process, then powder coated black for a dramatic, high performance look.
    The manifolds are 50 state emissions legal*.

    *This product has been granted an exemption by the California Air Resources Board and is in compliance with U.S. EPA Memorandum 1A, or is a replacement part.


    Dinan cam shafts provide further horsepower gains without negatively affecting idle or overall driveability.
    Custom engine management software is what makes it possible to employ more radical cam profiles without sacrificing the incredible smoothness of the V12.

    Performance Specifications for 850 (1991-94 Production)
    Performance Engine Software, Free Flow Exhaust, Intake
    Manifolds and High Performance Cam Set

    Peak Horsepower .........................369 bhp @ 5500 rpm
    Peak Horsepower Gain ..................111 bhp @ 6000 rpm
    PeakTorque ...............................397 Ib/ft @ 4500 rpm
    Peak Torque Gain .........................83 Ib/ft @ 5500 rpm


    Dinan's Supercharger System for the 840 offers outstanding horsepower and torque increases in an extremely cost effective package.
    These systems have been carefully engineered to deliver serious performance without negatively affecting everyday driveability or the reliability you expect of your BMW.
    Dinan's expertise in forced induction engine technology is evident in every aspect of the Supercharger System for BMW's 4-liter V8s.
    The package includes an extremely efficient Centrifugal Compressor type supercharger, which is belt driven internally for quiet operation.
    The supercharger features sealed ceramic bearings, which require no lubrication or maintenance and also provides for very low intake charge air temperatures for greater power gains and minimal energy waste.
    The Dinan Supercharger actually turns 20,000 fewer rpm than more common designs.
    The kits have been carefully designed to bolt on to the 840 without any major modifications to the cars.
    Custom Dinan Engine Management Software is included as well as the Dinan TurboTronics-10, an electronic device that recalibrates the stock air flow meter for use with the supercharger system.
    Dinan electronics provide maximum horsepower gains by ensuring the optimum ignition timing and fuel enrichment required under boost, as well as protecting the engine against detonation.
    The system is backed by a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty and is 50 state emissions legal.*

    *This product has been granted an exemption by the California Air Resources Board and is in compliance with U.S. EPA Memorandum 1A, or is a replacement part.

    Performance Specifications

    Peak Horsepower ...........................402 bhp @ 6000 rpm
    Peak Horsepower Gain ....................122 bhp @ 6500 rpm
    Peak Torque .................................363 bhp @ 5000 rpm
    Peak Torque Gain .........................105 Ib/ft @ 6000 rpm

    [COLOR="Navy"]"Buy a Dinan car and you get a factory warranty along with pavement-scorching performance- something to think about before bolting that Acme blower.." -european car[/COLOR]

    The Dinan Supercharger is a complete kit, and includes the following components:

    • Supercharger
    • CNC Machined Crank Pulley
    • 6-Rib Drive Belt
    • Intake Plumbing
    • Engine Management Software
    • Performance Air Filter Assembly
    • Air Filter and Belt Cover
    • High Flow Fuel Injectors
    • Dual Fuel Pump Assembly
    • Turbotronics-10

  • Chassis Tuning

    SUSPENSION SYSTEMS 840, 850, 850Csi

    Stage 1 Suspension System
    The Stage 1 System consists of a matched set of lower, firmer springs, which have been carefully designed to compliment the valving of the stock shocks.
    Further improvement in handling can be achieved by adding the optional fully matched Bilstein struts and shocks, which have been custom valved for superior handling and ride comfort.

    System Components:
    • Performance Spring Set

    Optional Struts and Shocks :
    • Bilstein Front Strut
    • Bilstein Rear Shock

    Stage 2 Suspension System
    Stage 2 adds larger antiroll bars to the Stage 1 System in order to further reduce body roll and increase steering response.
    Dinan antiroll bars are made of materials so superior they are in a league by themselves.
    As an example, the antiroll bar bushings are made of high-density synthetic rubber as opposed to the inexpensive urethane used by most manufacturers.
    Urethane requires lubrication, has a tendency to squeak and wears faster.
    Dinan does not believe in replacing any factory BMW part with one of lesser quality.
    You will see the difference in increased service life, quieter performance and exceptional handling.
    Dinan antiroll bars are fully adjustable so that it is possible to fine tune the balance of your 8 series for superior handling.

    Suspension System Components:
    • Performance Spring Set
    • 27mm Adjustable Front Bar
    • 17.5mm Adjustable Rear Bar (9/92-97) • 16mm adjustable rear bar ('91-8/92)

    Optional Struts and Shocks
    • Bilstein Front Strut
    • Bilstein Rear Shock

    Stage 3 Suspension System
    The result of Dinan's research and development efforts become dramatically apparent with the Stage 3 Suspension System.
    Using a three-plane suspension program, Dinan engineers discovered that the 8 series' biggest geometric weakness is in the front end.
    Stage 3 corrects this by relocating the upper strut mounting point with a camber plate, providing increased negative camber.
    The camber plates reduce understeer, or the car's tendency to plow the front end, and also make it possible to fit larger tires and wheels, further reducing understeer.

    Suspension System Components :
    • Performance Spring Set
    • 27mm Adjustable Front Bar
    • 17.5mm Adjustable Rear Bar (9/92-97)
    • 16mm adjustable rear bar ('91-8/92)
    • Front Camber Plates

    Optional Struts and Shocks
    • Bilstein Front Strut
    • Bilstein Rear Shock


    Dinan 18 Inch Three-Piece Performance Wheels

    Nothing creates a performance look and feel more than a set of larger wheels fitted with wide, sticky tires.
    An aggressive set of wheels and tires tenaciously grip the pavement for better handling and braking.
    Improved agility also makes it easier for you to maneuver in traffic and avoid accidents.
    Dinan Three Piece Modular Wheels deliver maximum performance while having the clean, contemporary appearance of a one-piece wheel.
    The centers are forged, then machined from aluminum billets.
    The half shells are spun aluminum.
    This manufacturing process, while more expensive and time consuming, delivers the lightest and strongest wheel possible to contribute to the overall handling and balance of the car.
    Dinan wheels also provide the ability to fit the largest tires possible, for maximum grip and further reduction of understeer.
    The 18x9 inch wheel is designed for 265/35-18 tires front and rear, and require 3/8" wheel spacers in front.


    Dinan wheel spacer kits are available in various widths to accommodate your specific wheel and tire application.
    The kits include a pair of spacers and hub extenders, as well as a set of 10 wheel bolts.


    Dinan offers a complete front and rear brake conversion for the 8 series.
    The kits are a direct replacement, requiring no special modifications.
    The brake conversions offer substantially improved cooling by virtue of the directional ventilation on the massive front rotors.
    The rear rotors are also substantially larger and feature ventilation as well.

    Stage 1-Front Brake Conversion
    345 x 32 mm Rotors, Calipers, Brake Pads and Hardware

    Stage 2-Front and Rear Brake Conversion
    Front: 345 x 32 mm Rotors, Calipers, Brake Pads and Hardware
    Rear: 328 x 20 mm Rotors, Calipers, Brake Pads and Hardware

  • [COLOR="Navy"]Driveline Tuning[/COLOR]

    Sporty acceleration is no longer the sole domain of those who like to shift gears; Dinan Automatic Transmission Software welcomes you to the performance zone.
    To fully utilize the extra power extracted by the Dinan Performance Engine Software, the transmission software raises the shift points to a higher rpm for faster acceleration in both the "Sport" and "Economy" modes, allowing you to carry more road speed in each gear.

    '91-94 850 AUTOMATICS

    The higher stall speed torque converter allows for faster acceleration from a dead stop by enabling the engine to rev higher before acceleration begins.
    The higher stall speed of 2400 rpm (vs 1900 rpm stock) puts the engine into its peak power range sooner, for faster acceleration "off the line".
    The Dinan torque converter retains the lock up feature in 3rd and 4th gears to maintain fuel economy at cruise.


    The 840 is equipped from the factory with extremely tall final drive gearing.
    In fact, if the car had enough horsepower to achieve it, the stock 2.93 differential is geared for over 212 mph !
    This extremely tall gear sacrifices a great deal of 0-60 and '1/4-mile performance without providing any real benefit.
    Dinan recommends lowering the final drive gear with a 3.64 limited slip differential.
    The combination of Dinan engine tuning products and lower gearing will significantly improve the car's 0-60 mph times and still provide top speed potential of 177 mph, which is far in excess of the available horsepower.
    Limited slip will significantly improve the car's handling as well, and was not available as a factory option.

    Limited Slip Differentials with modified final drive gearing are also available for 850 models.
    Manual equipped 850s came with 2.65 gearing, automatics with 3.64.
    Depending upon your individual requirements, the larger the numeric value, the lower the gearing for improved acceleration.
    Lower values will produce increased top speed potential.
    850 (91-94 Production)

    3.15-1 Limited Slip Differential (91-94 Automatic)
    2.93-1 Limited Slip Differential (9/92-94 Manual)
    3.64-1 Limited Slip Differential (91-94 Automatic)
    3.91-1 Limited Slip Differential (91-94 Automatic)

    COOLER '91-94 850 AUTOMATICS

    Once you have increased your engine's power output, Dinan offers drivetrain components that ensure reliability and further increase performance by making shifting more rapid and reducing clutch slippage.
    With an automatic transmission, improved reliability comes from an external cooler to reduce transmission fluid temperatures.
    The Dinan shift kit improves reliability and performance by making shifting more rapid and reducing clutch slippage.

  • [COLOR="Navy"]Signature Accesories[/COLOR]


    A set of floor mats is available for the 8 Series models featuring the Dinan Logo.
    You may choose the carpet and logo colors to accommodate personal preferences.


    Product development is an ongoing process at Dinan.
    As a result, product availability, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
    For current information, contact your Dinan Authorized Retailer, Dinan's website at www.dinancars.com.

    Product Warranty
    Product quality and support is a cornerstone at Dinan, resulting in the best warranty available anywhere.
    Dinan's warranty matches whatever period remains on the original vehicle manufacturer's new car warranty for up to 4 years/50,000 miles.
    For vehicles no longer covered by the original vehicle manufacturer's warranty, Dinan's products are covered by a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty.
    Both warranties cover parts and labor associated with the repair of any Dinan product.
    Whether you've owned your BMW for a few days or a few years, BMW and Dinan cover you year to year, mile to mile, and bumper to bumper.

    Dyno Testing
    Dinan employs sophisticated dyno testing procedures in the development and verification of our Engine Tuning Products.
    Every effort is made to provide the BWM driving enthusiast with the most accurate and reliable performance data possible, based upon theresults of the very latest in dyno equipment and time-proven It is important to understand that the results produced by various dynamometers will vary, depending upon a number of environmental factors, the level of sophistication in testing procedures, as well as the abilities and experience of the operator.
    It should also be noted that the dynamometer is used to quantify the change or increase in horsepower and torque as compared to the "baseline" dyno run of the stock vehicle.
    In order to obtain valid dyno results, the vehicle must be tested both before and after the performance products have been installed so that the resulting difference between "stock" and "performance enhanced" can be quantified.

    The environmental impact of vehicle emissions is important to us from both a social conscience and legal perspective.
    We actively support emissions legislation that protects our environment.
    Most Dinan products have been tested and are 50 state emissions legal. The current emission status of each Dinan product is indicated in the model specific product information.

    In Conclusion
    We hope that this information helps you understand Dinan's products and how they can raise the level of driving fun and excitement of your BMW.
    Whereas Dinan products are designed to enhance the driving experience, we do not advocate reckless or irresponsible driving.

    [COLOR="Navy"]"Social responsibility is an integral part of all Dinan-built cars, competition and one-offs excepted," -European Car[/COLOR]

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