(E) Tuning Racing Dynamics

  • Motor & Drivetrain Program for the 8 Series

    Motor Accessories

    Twin Sport Exhausts
    The Racing Dynamics Sport Exhaust was developed on the engine dynamometer to deliver the minimum amount of backpressure and optimal performance increase.
    It features the traditional Racing Dynamics twin oval exhaust tips in polished stainless steel.

    Engine Cover Set
    The Racing Dynamics Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Set is a great finishing touch to your R Motor.
    Made of high tech carbon fiber, its reasoning was taken from our racing cars where weight is always the enemy.

    EMS Software Download
    Enhance the power and responsiveness of your automobile with a minimum effort. OEM speed limiter is removed.

    Engine Specifications :
    R60 : 6.1 L makes about 440HP and 620 Nm torque. V12 engine based on M70 B50 or M73 B54
    R50 : 5.0L makes about 411 HP and 510 Nm torque.V8 engine based on M60 B40 or M62 B44

  • Suspension & Chassis Program

    Spring Kit
    The Racing Dynamics Sport Spring Kit includes four specially matched lowering springs specially wound for Racing Dynamics.
    Lowers car about 35mm.

    Sport Brake Kit

    Sport Brake Kit includes two massive 332 x 34mm sloted and vented single piece rotors, 2 cailpers and 4 stainless steel lines and brake pads.

    Note: must have at least 8x17 wheels to clear Sport Brake Kit.

    RGQ Wheel
    The Racing Dynamics RGQ Wheel is the latest evolution of classic rounded 5 spoke design.
    It is available in sizes ranging from 8.0x17 to 9.5x19.

    RGQ Wheel 8.0x17
    RGQ Wheel 8.5x18
    RGQ Wheel 8.5x19
    RGQ Wheel 9.5x19

    RRS Wheel
    The Racing Dynamics RRS Wheel is the 3-Piece version of RGS five spoke design.
    Available for your 8 Series in sizes 8.5x18 and 9.0x18 for the rear axle only.

    RRS Wheel 8.5x18
    RRS Wheel 9.5x18 Rear Only


  • Interior & Controls

    3-Spoke Steering Wheel
    The classic 3-spoke design is still available for older models and track cars.
    Made with comfort in mind this wheel has grips at 3 and 9 o'clock.

    Gear Accessories
    The Racing Dynamics gear shift knob collection has wood to billet aluminum.

    Pedal Accessories
    Improve your heel-n-toeing and double clutching with the Racing Dynamics pedal set.
    Made of aluminum with foot grips on brake and clutch.

    Floor Mats
    Protect your investment with Racing Dynamics embroidered floor mats.
    Designed with replaceable foot sections.

  • [COLOR="Navy"]Body & Aerodynamics Program[/COLOR]

    Racing Dynamics Aerodynamic System for the 8 Series
    The Racing Dynamics Aerodynamic Kit is a complete package that is designed to enhance the appearance and the performance of your 8 Series.
    The Racing Dynamics Aerodynamic System has passed the German TÜV Certification that guarantees its aerodynamic efficiency and overall superior performance

    The Racing Dynamics Aerodynamic System Includes:

    • Front Spoiler
    • Side Skirts
    • Rear Diffuser
    • Rear Wing

    Front Spoiler
    The Racing Dynamics Front Spoiler for the 8 Series integrates superior aerodynamics and the look of today's Touring Car.

    Side Skirt Set
    The Racing Dynamics Side Skirt Set for the 8 Series aerodynamics and the look of today's Touring Car.

    Rear Diffuser
    The Racing Dynamics Rear Diffuser for the 8 Series was designed to integrate the exaust and to add a muscular look to this elegant Coupé.
    A plug is supplied for customers that wish to retain the OE exhaust

    Rear Wing
    The Racing Dynamics Rear Wing gives you stability at high speeds while you are cruising down your own autobahn

  • [COLOR="Navy"]K55 Sport Coupe[/COLOR]

    Layout/Number of Cylinders V-12
    Bore x Stroke (mm) 84 x 82.5
    Displacement (cc) 5483
    Maximum Power Output net (kW/BHP - 1/min) 295/401 - 5800
    Maximum torque (Nm/lb-ft - 1/min) 540/396 - 4150
    Acceleration 0-100 Km/h (sec) 5.9
    Maximum Speed (kph/mph) 300/187

    Reinforced Sport Clutch (850i)
    Sport Torque Converter with Control Unit (850iA)
    Racing Dynamics Torque Biasing Differential with custom rear axle ratio
    332/34mm vented front discs with 4 piston calipers

    Front spoiler, side skirts, rear airfoil and wing
    Double twin oval exhaust with stainless steel polished tips
    Racing Dynamics sport suspension
    9j x 18 H2 RGR alloy wheels with 235/40 ZR 18 tires (front)
    101/zj x 18 H2 RGR alloy wheels with 295/35 ZR 18 tires (rear)

    3-Spoke sport steering wheel with matching gear knob or
    4-spoke sport steering wheel with integrated airbag (optional)
    Burled walnut, elm burr, or grey bird's-eye interior trim
    Limited Edition serial number plate

  • [COLOR="Navy"]R62 Sport Coupé[/COLOR]

    Layout/Number of Cylinders V-12
    Bore x Stroke (mm) 86.4 x 86
    Displacement (cc) 6053
    Maximum Power Output net (kW/BHP - 1/min) 332/445 - 5800
    Maximum torque (Nm/lb-ft - 1/min) 623/457 - 3900
    Acceleration 0-100 Km/h (sec) 4.7(MT)/4.9(AT)
    Maximum Speed (kph/mph) 295/184

    332/32mm vented front discs with 4 piston calipers

    Racing Dynamics Kevlar-reinforced carbonfibre Aerodynamics kits
    Double 90mm twin round quad exhaust with stainless steel polished tips
    Racing Dynamics Chassis Kit
    19 x 8 1/2 RD2 alloy wheels with 235/35 ZR 19 tires (front)
    19 x 9 1/2 RD2 alloy wheels with 275/30 ZR 19 tires (rear)

    Racing Dynamics Shift Knob, pedal set, brake lever, and floor mats
    Limited Edition serial number plate

    With 445 HP and 457 lb-ft of torque, the R62 indulges your driving experience with a plethora of torque.
    The M73 B54 V-12 based engine deliver a smooth power throughout the rpm.
    Yet, the car shows its supremacy once you stretch your right leg all the way.
    Our suspension system enhances the awe-inspiring driving experience.
    The big brake kit indulges you with more control.
    Our newest aggressive looking one-piece RD2 wheels or the classic design RGS, combined with our 90 mm dual round tip exhaust system and elegant aerodynamics, establish a n utmost amusement of its understated presence.
    As a more conservative alternative, R55 motor creating 401 HP and 398lb-ft of torque is also available for customer with M70 B50 engine.
    Approximate conversion cost: $26,693.40

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