Due the splitting of the German, Austria and Swiss section (8er-Gemeinschaft) and the E31 Worldwide Owners Group and the reluctant of others to join this group the B8CI was discussed amongst other clubs to be a good substitute to represent the E31 owners. Founding took place on November 2008 in Metz (France) by the Leaders and representatives of Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the USA BMW 8 Series Clubs and Communities, with their wish, to establish an Worldwide Organization for their Clubs and Communities in order to better coordinate and share any future BMW 8 Series related Matters. Switzerland was then selected as the legal domicile for B8CI, as it offered ideal conditions for such a worldwide organization. The activities of the B8CI are considered non-profit and have no economic goals. At that time the B8CI presented 8 countries.

The elected board was: Fredi Hatt(President), Peter Rice(Vice-President), Jud Spencer(Technical Vice-President), Michael Jeske(Secretary), Martin Brügger(Treasurer), Christoph Brügger(Webmaster).