The 8-series BMW with progressive suspension and the extra-large 18-inch wheels is a car that even looks as if it has perfect road grip.

The elegance of the purist wheel design displays the perfect compromise between the need to express both technical competence and sportiness.


MVR sports springs with 30 mm progressive suspension


MVR sport suspension with 30 mm progressive suspension


18" wheels with a width of up to 10" allow you to fit 285 tyres. Tyres that guarantee optimum road-surface contact in all conditions.

MVR "Basic"

Leichtmetallrad 1-teilig 8,5 x 17 ET 15

Komplettradsatz 8,5 x 17 ET 15 235/45 ZR 17 VA/HA

MVR "Master"

Leichtmetallrad 2-teilig 8,5 x 18 ET 22 VA/HA 10,0 x 18 ET 22 nur HA

Komplettradsatz 8,5 x 18 ET 22 VA/HA 245/40 ZR 18 VA/HA


MVR Sports end silencer of stainless steel, dual outlet left / right, chrome-hardened, ø 76 mm


"Fascination with the craft industry has its roots in the combination of two worlds: human dexterity and the materials refined by human hand encounter the infinite possibilities of the imagination and art. Furthermore, my name is a guarantee for my personal commitment to perfection in detail and stands for the experience of generations of craftsmen in leather processing."

In the absence of the constraints of series production, we are able to offer an interior design which is customer-specific and in leather which can only be described as "state of the art" in terms of quality, processing and finesse. Supplemented by trim parts in colours of your choice, such as stained wood, carbon or varnished strips, steering wheel segments, gearshift-lever knobs, hand-brake levers, centre consoles, instrument cluster elements, ventilation grills, switch panels, door-opener panels ...

The list goes on and on. Your series car is transformed in this way into a mobile "living room" which gives you a sense of well-being and offers you a tasteful atmosphere that only you can really appreciate. After all, it was you that set it up this way.