(E) OBC Trick

  • The service menu of the onboard computer

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    What is the service menu?
    In the service menu of the onboard computer you are shown internal data and can change some settings. Interesting is the instantaneous fuel consumption, the current speed and the fuel left.
    Press the 1000 and 10 keys simultaneously. The display will then show 'TEST_NR.: --'. Now enter a two-digit code as usual in order to selekt the corresponding funktion (see table below). Activate it by pressing 'SET/RES'.

    Unlocking the onboard computer
    The cars are delivered with disabled service menu, of course. The only function available even when locked is the display test (function 1) where all LEDs of the MID light up.
    To enable the service menu, press 1000 and 10 simultaneously and execute function 19. Has the menu been enabled, the display shows 'LOCK OFF'. Add the day and the month of the date shown by the OBC. For August 7th for example that would be 8 + 7 = 15. Enter that number and press 'SET/RES'. Now you can access the following functions.

    Function description of the service menu

    1Display Test
    2Instantaneous fuel consumption in l/100 km
    3Instantaneous fuel consumption in l/h
    4Fuel consumption for calculating the range
    5Current range
    6Probably fuel left in the tank.
    7Fuel left in the tank
    8Current speen in kph
    9Probably the battery current
    10? Some data
    11Setting of country specific language and measuring systems.Select desired country setting with the 1000 and 100 keys, then. activate it with 'SET/RES'.
    12Speed to calculate time of arrival.
    13Time of arrival
    14Creation date of the ROMs
    15Some error display. Switch over fro one error to another with the 1000 and 100 keys.
    16Displays data from some internal port. Choose port A to F with th 1000 and 100 keys.
    17Changing a sound from 'ITON' to 'DTON' and vice versa. Activate with 'SET/RES'. Has no effect in my car.
    18No visible function
    19Unlocking the service menu.
    20Clears display and key functions. Pressing a key results in LEDs glowing in the corresponding display area. Normal operation is only re-established by turning off the ignition.
    21No visible function

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